Exquisite travel to Siberia
9 days / 8 nights

Altai the Best
Map of the trip

1 - airport of Gorno-Altaisk
2 - Katunskiye Porogi Guest House
3 - Altay Village Hotel at Lake Teletskoye
4 - Altay Resort Hotel
5 - Inegen Lodge
6 - Mt Belukha
7 - casino Altai Palace
Altai is considered by World Community as one of the last untouched areas of the planet and a rich treasure trove of biodiversity (included into Global-200, the list of ecoregions identified by WWF as priorities for conservation). Translated from Mongolian language as "Golden Mountains", Altai was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List under this title. Golden Mountains of Altai nomination includes Altaisky Nature Reserve and Lake Teletskoye, Katunsky Nature Reserve and Mount Belukha, the Ukok Plateau. Located in four countries - Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan - the Altai Mountains stretch up for two thousand kilometers from Siberian wilderness to Central Asian semi-deserts. The highest peak is Mt Belukha (4506 m).
Day 1
Welcome to Altai
Accommodation – Katunskiye Porogi Guest House
Distance – 60 km (land transportation)

Arrive to Gorno-Altaisk airport where you will be met by our local guide. We meet our dear guests according to Altaic local traditions. You will enjoy traditional music and small treat (bread and drinks). Afterwards you will be transferred to a private guest house on the bank of the Katun River. Invigorative coniferous air, luxurious wooden cottages with splendid interiors, awesome landscapes let you relax after long flight and travel to Siberia. Breakfast and spare time. After lunch you will have short walking along the bank of mountainous Katun River – the largest river of Altai and mistress of all Altai rivers. Evening will be devoted to acquaintance with Altai culture. You will taste local cuisine. It is traditionally based on sheep meat, milk, wild plants and cereals. Later our skillful singer will perform nomadic songs in unique technic of throat singing.
Day 2
Whitewater rafting or jeep excursion to caves
Accommodation – Katunskiye Porogi Guest House
Distance – 60 km (land transportation)

Today you will be offered two kinds of activities for choose (you need choose one of the following). You can test your strength and courage during whitewater rafting on the Katun River. You will overcome some water rapids, visit Kamyshlinsky Waterfall and finally have a lunch on the bank of the river.

Another option: you can choose off-road jeeping to Kamyshlinskoye Karst Plateau and research on of the caves. Then we will make a bonfire in the cave and cook a lunch.

At the evening after coming back to the guest house you will enjoy Russian bath house and sauna. Afterwards – dinner and tasting traditional Russian cuisine.
Day 3
Ancient Altai
Transfer to Teletskoye Lake and visiting National Museum
Accommodation – Altay Village Hotel (5 stars)
Distance – 230 km (land transportation)
fter breakfast you will departure from the guest house and go towards the deepest lake of the Altai Mountains – Lake Teletskoye (325 m). It is represented on the coat of arms of Altai as a symbol of purity. The lake contains huge amount of clear water. The lake can provide crystal water for large city during almost 600 years!
Teletskoye Lake inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage List. Local people also call it Golden Lake or Altyn Kyol.
By the way you will visit National Museum of Altai in Gorno-Altaisk. During the excursion you will be acquainted with history of Altai and watch unique artifacts. The most valuable is Siberian Ice Maiden – the mummy of noble woman of Scythian Age. Probably in that ancient time she was the priestess of her tribe.
Upon the arrival to the Altay Village hotel you will enjoy luxurious dinner and rest on the bank of Teletskoye Lake.
The deepest lake in the Altai Mountains (325 m) and one of the deepest lakes in Russia. Inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List as one of the most pristine places it is commonly known as the Baikal's junior brother. Among the indigenous inhabitants the name of the lake is Altyn-Kyol or Golden Lake. Numerous tributaries (over 80) cascading to the lake with stunning waterfalls. The most picturesque is the Korbu Waterfall (12 meters high). Lake Teletskoye gives the birth to the only river - the Biya River, one of two sourcing rivers of the Ob River. The last one is ranked among the 10 largest rivers of the planet. Lake's right side is conserving as a part of the Altaisky Nature Reserve.
Day 4
Legends of Golden Lake
Accommodation – Altay Village Hotel (5 stars)
Distance – 80 km (private motorboat)
This day will be devoted to excursion on a private motorboat on the lake. You will visit numerous waterfalls and finally reach the only village in Russia, located on the territory of the reserve – Yailyu Village. This is the warmest place in the whole Altai. Due to soft climate orchards - apple and pear trees – grow here almost for half a century. We take a walk along the bank of the lake and the legendary orchards in a company of an old resident of the reserve Evgeny Veselovsky. You will hear many stories about the life of the reserve, then in the hospitable homestead of Evgeny you will have lunch and real French ice cream.
Return to tourist complex, dinner.
Day 5
In the foothills of Altai
Travel to Altay Resort Hotel
Accommodation – Altay Resort Hotel (5 stars)
Distance – 250 km (land transportation)
After breakfast you will leave the Teletskoye Lake and go to luxurious Altay Resort Hotel, surrounded by Siberian pine tree forest. After check-in and lunch at the hotel you will have an excursion on the top of a panoramic mountain and to a maral deer farm. Commonly known that maral deer farming is widely represented in the Altai Mountains and provides medical centers with precious velvet antlers products. Ancient Chinese Medicine considered that velvet antlers supplements exert beneficial effect on human body and improve health and immunity.
Upon the returning to the hotel – dinner and spare time.
Day 6
The Mysteries of the Sacred Road
Trip along the Chuisky Tract
Accommodation – Inegen Lodge
Distance – 300 km (land transportation)
After breakfast we leave the hotel and travel to Chuysky Tract - the most beautiful mountain highway of Russia, which connects the South of Western Siberia and Mongolia. Chuisky Tract is considered as the northern part of ancient Silk Road. We will overcome the Seminsky Pass (1717 m) where Siberian pine tree taiga grows, and rocky Chike-Taman Pass (1295 m).
In the afternoon we will reach agro-tourist complex "Inegen", located near another revered by the local peoples sanctuary – the confluence of the Chuya and Katun Rivers called "Chui-Oozy". Accommodation in touristic complex. Dinner.
Day 7
Test on bravery
Horseback riding and competition in nomadic games
Trip along the Chuisky Tract
Accommodation – Inegen Lodge
Distance – 50 km
This day you will go horseback riding in the mountains as Inegen is famous for its thoroughbred horses. Afterwards you will have a nomadic lunch at national dwelling called ail. Then you will watch the competition of horse riders in national game Kok-Booru (a kind of nomadic horse polo with a corpse of a goat instead of a ball). This contest goes back to centuries and history of Asian nomads when males had to prove their right to be a warrior in such competition. The goat corpse after contest considered as a sacred trophy and endowed the winners with extraordinary strength.
Returning to Inegen Lodge and dinner.
Day 8
The highest mountain in Siberia and Casino Altai Palace
Accommodation – art-hotel Altai Palace (in the casino)
Distance – 400 km (helicopter)
Helicopter excursion to the highest mountain of Siberia, Mount Belukha (4506 meters, or 14783 ft), would be the highlight of the whole trip without any doubt. We'll cross the vast ocean of the Altai Mountains by helicopter towards the summit of the Altai - Mt. Belukha. We'll observe crowned by glaciers peaks from the bird's view and finally land at the bank of Lake Akkemskoye. This lake was formed by one of the glaciers descending from the slope of Mt Belukha. The two glittering peaks of Mt Belukha reflect in the lake surface like in a mirror.We'll explore the picturesque banks of Lake Akkemskoye and hike towards the Akkemsky Glacier.
On way back to the lake we will have a packed lunch or picnic.
Afterwards you will be transferred to hotel Altai Palace by helicopter. The hotel is situated in the casino Altai Palace – one of 5 legal gambling establishments in Russia. Upon the arrival to casino you can enjoy its facilities such as karaoke-bar, gambling zone, SPA and gym. Gala-dinner at casino's restaurant.

Please, notice that Mt. Belukha is located on the Russian-Kazakhstan border. We need to prepare special permit to visit the border zone. Documents should be submitted not less then 30 days before the visit date.
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