Altai: the Journey of the Great Space

Astrotour to Altai
8 days / 7 nights

This journey is for mystery lovers and discoverers! We will watch wild animals, explore ancient nomadic burial mounds and sanctuaries, contemplate the endless starry sky, visit yurts and take photos of scenic landscapes.
Join to our team! Unforgettable adventuries and awesome emotions await for yo!
Famous scholars will accompany our team
Excursions to landmarks with professional astronomer and archaeologist
Watching wildlife of Sailyugemsky National Park with rangers and scientists
Russian and Mongolian Altai
Expedition to the most remote and hard-to-reach places on the border between Russia and Mongolia
Sightseeing of amazing nature of Altai
The Katun River
Chuisky Trakt
Seminsky and Chike-Taman passes
Ilgumensky rapid on the Katun River
The Katun and Chuya rivers confluence
The Severo-Chuisky Ridge and Kuraiskaya Steppe
Chuiskaya Steppe
Geological sight so-called Mars
Turu-Alty Sanctuary
Ritual complex in the Yustyd Valley
8 days / 7 nights
Airport of Gorno-Altaisk is the beginning point of the expedition
Comfortable and cozy accommodation
Inegen Lodge - a wooden cottage on the bank of the Katun River (shower and WC inside the cottage), 1 night
Hotel of Sailyugemsky National Park and Rasul Hotel in Kosh-Agach Village - standard room (shower and WC inside the room), 4 nights
Visit-center of Sailyugemsky National Park on the Russian-Mongolian border - traditional altaic dwelling ail, 5 guests in one house, Russian bath house and wooden toilet outside - 1 night
Sokol Lodge - wooden guest house in Russian style (shower and WC are inside the room), 1 night
2 thousand kilometers
Land transportation on comfortable minivan Hundai Starex or Fiat Ducato, and special off-road vehicles in Sailyugemsky National Park
Day 1
Acquaintance with Altai
Accommodation - Inegen agrotouristic complex
Distance - 280 km

Flight arrival at the airport of Gorno-Altaisk, meeting in accordance with the traditions of Altai local people. Artists in national costumes give a performance of good wishes and treat you with national bread that is called "baursak".
Transfer to the Inegen agrotouristic complex, accommodation and rest.
Day 2
Russian Mongolia
Journey along Chuisky Trakt to the border with Mongolia
Accommodation - Hotel of Sailyugemsky National Park in Kosh-Agach village
Distance - 250 km
We continue our journey along Chuisky Trakt. Today you get acquainted with unique monuments in the valley of the Chuya River. You visit Lake of Geysers, see waterfalls on the Upper and Lower Karasu rivers, admire the snow and glaciers of the majestic Severo-Chuisky Ridge, get acquainted with the blast furnaces of ancient nomads. In the afternoon we arrive in Kosh-Agach village, located near the Russian-Mongolian border. Kosh-Agach is situated in the Chuya Steppe, which suprisingly resembles Mongolia. There is low precipitation level here. The village itself is located at an altitude of 1800-1900 m above sea level and surrounded by four thousand mountain ridges on all sides. Due to the natural and climatic conditions, the starry sky over Kosh-Agach is the most suitable for astronomical observations. It is the place where in following days we will plunge into the riddles of the universe.

Day 3
Is there Mars in Altai?
Accommodation - Hotel of Sailyugemsky National Park in Kosh-Agach village
Distance - 80 km

After breakfast we will make a trip to ... Mars. This is the name of the geological monument in the valley of the Kyzyl-Chin River. Being on the line of the Charysh-Terekty tectonic fault, on the surface of the Earth there appeared the most ancient rocks of the Altai - the weathering crust, formed long before the formation of the modern Altai mountainous country. The landscapes of the valley, which for millions of years have taken bizarre shapes, are painted in a variety of shades of red, and due to this feature the territory is called Mars.
After landing on Mars, we go on a journey to the banks of the ancient lake, which in the glacial age filled the entire Chuya valley. We will see varved clays - the traces of the existence of a huge water reservoir of Ice Age. They had been brought by water of ancient glacial lake for thousands of years.
In the evening - return to the hotel, starry sky observation through a telescope.
Day 4
Snow Leopard Land
Accommodation - the Chagan-Burgazy visitor center of Sailyugemsky National Park
Distance - 60 km
This day we are going to get to the reserved areas. On the border with Mongolia, on the territory of Sailyugemsky National Park, we climb to the top of the mountain where we will be able to see such rare animals as argali which are also called mountain sheep, and also install photo traps for the snow leopard. On the territory of Altai there is the largest population of these rare animals that live exclusively in the highlands. There is also the northernmost distribution of snow leopards.
In the evening you have an opportunity to enjoy a concert of throat singing and watch a shamanistic rite.
You can enjoy traditional treats of the nomads of Altai for dinner as well. At night - starry sky observation through a telescope.
Day 5
Ancient observatory and mysterious writing
Accommodation - Hotel of Sailyugemsky National Park in Kosh-Agach village
Distance - 150 km
Today we will be transfered to the early Middle Ages. We will climb to the top of Zhalgyz-Tobe Mountain, where we can see petroglyphs. On Kurgak Mountain we will have an opportunity to see the longest runic inscription found in Altai. It is known that the Turks (6-11 centuries AD) were not only excellent warriors, but also created the first written language among the peoples of northern Eurasia.
In the afternoon we visit one of the most ancient and mysterious observatories of Altai - the Tarkhatinsky Megalithic Complex (the Aeneolithic - Early Bronze Age). It is proved that all the objects of the sanctuary are strictly oriented to the cardinal directions and have a different magnetization and composition of rocks than stones located nearby. In order to construct this ritual complex, the ancient builders had to deliver enormous blocks for tens of kilometers. How and for what purpose the sanctuary was built is still a mystery. In the evening we will return to the hotel and have starry sky observation.
Day 6
Temple Mount and the Valley of the Kings
Accommodation - Hotel of Sailyugemsky National Park in Kosh-Agach village
Distance - 80 km
After breakfast we make a trip to the most amazing ritual complexes of Altai. At first we visit the valley of the Yustyd River - open air repository of artefacts of the ancient nomads. The valley is replete with mounds, there are many deer stones and petroglyphs. In old days a large metallurgical area was located here, as evidenced by the remains of forged and ancient smelting furnaces. The Yustyd Valley can be compared to the lines of Nazca Desert in South America, because from a height you can see that the stone constructions of the kerexurs (mounds with an external framing of stones) intertwine into a single unique pattern.
Further we go to the temple mountain of the Turu-Alty sanctuary. This structure occupies the whole ridge of Turu-Alty. The ancient complex was a temple of sun worship. On the slopes of Turu-Alty Mount and at its foot there are numerous mounds, ritual fences and petroglyphs. At the highest point of the mountain ridge there is the altar - a stone slab facing south with numerous images of deer, symbolizing the sun. It is possible that in ancient times not only rituals were performed here, but also luminary observations. On the days of the vernal and autumnal equinox, as well as the winter and summer solstices, the sun sets at the horizon in strictly defined places. The mountain also has a special acoustic effect. From the highest point you can hear the Mullah singing in the Kosh-Agach Mosque, which is located more than 40 km from here.
In the evening - return to the hotel, starry sky observation through a telescope.
Day 7
Return to the Lower Katun
Accommodation - Sokol Lodge
Distance - 500 km
This day we concentrate on the return transfer to the vicinity of the airport of Gorno-Altaisk.
As an option, we offer to take a helicopter flight to the mysterious Ukok Plateau. It is located in the heart of the Altai Mountains at the intersection of the borders of China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Russia. It was through the Ukok Plateau where the civilizations of the ancient empires of China, India, Asia Minor and the nomads of Southern Siberia got in contact with each other. The mummy of the Ice Maiden, a noble lady who lived in the 6th-2nd centuries BC, was discovered here. It was preserved in the lenses of ice in the mound and is considered to be the patroness of Altai. At the end of the tour - helicopter transfer to the tourist complex on the Lower Katun.
Day 8
Farewell to Altai
Early breakfast and transfer to the airport. Departure to Moscow
PHOTO CREDITS: Pavel Filatov
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